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New Futures – Your Self-Care

Understanding and dealing with stress.

This personal development programme focuses on stress and how to manage and reduce our stress levels.  It incorporates a proactive and creative approach to analysing  and understanding our daily challenges that can create stress.
You will not only learn about your stressors and the reason why you feel stressed, but you will also practice the skills you will need to reduce or prevent future stress.

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New Futures – Your Self-Esteem

Building and maintaining self-esteem

The aim of this programme is to introduce you to the foundations and importance of self-esteem and personal development.
You will learn how to improve your self-esteem by practising self-acceptance, positive self-talk, assertiveness, etc, how to identify your values and your needs, and examine how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself.

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New Futures – Your Voice

An Introduction To Communication

The aim of this programme is to help you learn how to communicate effectively by understanding the purpose of communication and the different communication styles we use to convey a message.
You will learn how to communicate assertively and what to do when communication is unsuccessful.

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New Futures – Your Future

Introduction To Career Development

This programme is designed for anyone who is beginning or is actively involved in a job search. Learn how to identify your skills, develop a personalised career plan, make your CV and cover letter stand out  and prepare for interviews.

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