Welcome to the New Futures programme on personal and professional development. Your decision to log in and participate in this programme is an important first step towards creating a brighter future for yourself.

Throughout the next few weeks, as you immerse yourself in the modules and content, you will actively engage in a transformative educational experience. This programme is designed to empower you and an opportunity for growth and transformation. As you progress, we encourage you to reflect on your own unique situation. Completing the tasks and keeping a journal will help you integrate and solidify your learning.

By fully committing to this programme, you are investing in yourself and your future. Embrace the knowledge and skills you will acquire here, as they will be invaluable in supporting you move forward.


Journaling is a powerful tool that helps you sort through and process your experiences, observations, and feelings. If you do not currently have a journaling practice, we recommend you take the following optional micro-course before you get started, as it will complement your core modules.

Self-Reflective Practice

To get the most out of this programme, it is essential that you reflect on your own experiences. Put into simple words, self-reflective practice is thinking about or reflecting on what you do. It is like learning from experience, in the sense that you think about what has happened, then consider what you could do differently next time. To prepare for this programme, you may wish to take this optional micro-course on self-reflective practice, before you begin the core modules.

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