Non Violent Communication: The Skill of Clear & Direct Communication

Avoid conflict and supporting healthy relationships

The aim of this programme is to help us learn about Non-Violent Communication and to explore the skill of Clear & Direct Communication to avoid conflict and support healthy relationships.

Our focus will be on compassionate, soothing and practical ways to help ourselves and our loved ones.

 Module 1: Welcome!

  • How the course works

Module 2: Communication Styles

  • Understand what assertive communication is.
  • Understand the Non-Violent Communication process.

Module 3: Emotions & Needs

  • Understand the relationship between your needs, your emotions and your behaviours.
  • Understand the importance of addressing your needs.

Module 4: Practising Clear and Direct Communication

  • Understand active listening and compromise.
  • Benefits of Clear & Direct Communication
  • Learn practical ways on how to use assertive communication.

Module 5: Review and Reflection

  • Recap the key points from the course.
  • Acknowledge that the journey continues.
  • learn ways to resolve conflict in their families by understanding how feelings and needs can create conflict;
  • identify and practice clear and direct communication in relation to common family dilemmas using a non-violent communication framework – observe, feelings, needs and request;
  • connect emotions to ways of behaving;
  • choose a series of family situations in which they can practice the skills they have learned and participate in sessions on each of those situations.
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