Parent Education

One Family offer a range of e-learning courses to support you on your parenting journey. Our courses are interactive and as you work through each course you will be supported to engage in the content.
Currently, we offer five e-learning courses from parenting very young children right through to parenting teens. As a lot of our work is supporting parents who are sharing parenting after separation, we offer our Family Communications – Parenting When Separated course to help you find the best route to agreeing a parenting plan with the other parent of your child.

Parenting Through Stressful Times

Learn how stress can affect your parenting and how you can manage stress.

Parenting Through Stressful Times has been designed as a course to help parents to understand and recognise stress and provide tools to manage it.

This personal development programme gently explores with parents the influence stress plays on how we parent and how we manage daily challenges. It incorporates a proactive and creative approach to analysing and understanding the causes of stress. The course allows parents the opportunity to explore tools that can aid and support them to cope with stress, prevent the build-up of stress and maintain a healthy balance.

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The Skill of Clear & Direct Communication

Understanding healthy conflict and building positive relationships

The aim of this programme is to provide parents with the skills to build healthy family relationships. Parents will learn to communicate assertively with children while avoiding unhealthy conflict. It will also support separated parents to communicate more assertively to achieve share parenting with reduced conflict.

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Positive Parenting – For Changing Families

Develop ways in which you can understand your teen and form a positive relationship.

This course explores with parents the key components of clear and direct communication (Non-Violent Communication Process) as a tool for managing behaviour and developing healthy communication in the home.

The course will also give opportunity to explore sibling relationships, problem solving, managing a crisis and respecting difference.

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Family Communications – Parenting Teens

Explore the key components of clear and direct communication.

This course helps parents to communicate effectively, while reducing conflict, when parenting teens and sharing parenting. The course also explores the impact separation has on children and teens while helping parents to develop listening skills to allow each family member to voice their needs and be heard in the home.

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Family Communications – Parenting When Separated

Learn how to communicate effectively in a non-conflictual way

This course is for parents who have separated and may be in the process of agreeing how to share parenting. You will explore the key components of clear and direct communication (Non-Violent Communication Process) as a tool to support parents to communicate effectively to achieve success when sharing parenting.

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